Vintage Wooden Trinket Box$17(Novato, CA)

This is a vintage, olive green, wooden, brass hinged, jewelry/trinket or storage box. This box has a nice soft olive green color, with a picture added to the top; ie., 2 (two) gray birds playing on the rocks amidst a pale yellow background. The inside is composed of blonde shellacked wood. The brass hinges are in perfect condition. The measurements approximately are: 6” width x 4 1/2” length x 1 1/4” depth. I acquired this piece as part of estate that I have been charged with liquidating. It is in excellent condition; there are no scratches, nor paint chips.I suspect that it was a display/cabinet piece. On the underside of the are 4 (four) green felt pads so the box will not mark any furniture. On the backside, in the lower left corner of the box is the signature of the artist, “Katie R.Sullivan”.